Vincentown United Methodist Church

Hello!  I am Reverend Dave Ledford, and I am honored to have the privilege of serving as the pastor of the Vincentown United Methodist Church.  I am in my seventh year of ministry, and in my fourth year here in Vincentown.  

As a preacher, my goal is to have everyone in attendance feel as if I am talking directly to them.  As a former teacher, I understand that everyone learns in different ways.  I also understand that in any given congregation there are different ages, different experiences, different beliefs, different levels of education and different interests.  My goal is to reach all of them as often as possible. 

I invite you to click on the sermon titles to the left to hear what we are talking about here at VUMC.  If you are a consistent listener, please let us know so that we can be intentional about reaching out to those of you who listen to our sermons online.  I pray that these words will bring you peace, comfort, joy and hope.  I also pray that these words will be God's, not mine.  Amen.

September begins with a final sermon from the VBS sermon series.  This final lesson is to go above and beyond in hope.  Rev. Dave and Kathrine will give us a little taste of Christmas on the first day of September.  Then, we will be following the lectionary for a while, but Reverend Dave is going to be intentional about using the lesser known books of the Bible that the lectionary includes.  We hope for new messages and new voices to inspire us this Fall!

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September 1st - "To Hope and Beyond" ~ Rev. Dave and Kathrine

September 8th - "The Potter's New Creation" ~ Rev. Dave


This August, we are all taking the opportunity to learn the same lessons that our VBS students learned last month.  Our students learned about five specific topics; faithfulness, boldness, kindness, thankfulness and hope.  Reverend Dave will be preaching each of those topics, but he has asked for just a little bit of help, and who better to help him teach about VBS than someone who actually went to VBS?  11 year-old Kathrine will be helping Reverend Dave teach about these five topics and then will teach all of us the sign language she learned for each topic during VBS.

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August 4th -"To Faithfulness and Beyond"~ Rev. Dave Ledford and Kathrine

August 11th -"To Boldness and Beyond"~ Rev. Dave Ledford and Kathrine

August 18th - "To Kindness and Beyond~ Rev. Dave Ledford and Kathrine

August 25th - "To Thankfulness and Beyond" ~ Rev. Dave Ledford and Kathrine