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               97 MAIN ST. VINCENTOWN, NJ 08088

WHO: AGES 2-12


97 Main St., Vincentown, NJ 08088

​​Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,                                                                                                                                        May 2019


               This year in the days and weeks after Easter, we will put ourselves in the disciple’s shoes (or sandals).  The task given to the disciples is the same task that is given to us; to continue on the mission of Jesus Christ.  We are blessed to have the Holy Bible which includes the four gospels that tell us the story of Jesus’ life and death.  The gospels are some of the oldest Christian documents that we have, but they are not the oldest.  Our best estimate is that the four gospels were written between 66 and 110 AD, or 36-70 years after Jesus’ death.  We are also fortunate to have in our Holy Bible stories about what happened after Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension.  The Book of Acts tells us about the creation of the Church and the continuation of Jesus’ mission after his physical body’s time on Earth was over.   We believe the Book of Acts was written around 90 AD, which would actually make it older than some of the gospels!

               The Book of Acts was written by Luke…the same Luke as the author of the Gospel of Luke.  In fact, many believe that the Book of Acts was a sort of sequel to his first book, the Gospel.  So, Luke gives us the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection as well as what happened afterwards.  Luke’s second volume, called the Book of Acts, tells the story of the beginning of the Church.  It contains the ascension of Jesus Christ, the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, what the early church looked like and how early church leaders like Peter, Paul and the other apostles courageously continued to do what Jesus had taught them. 

               Although separated by almost two thousand years, the mission of the Church today is not very different than that of the early Church as described in the Book of Acts.  From now until Pentecost on June 9th, we will be reading from the Book of Acts every week.  We have a lot to learn from the early church and its leaders.  What we will see over the next several weeks is a church that is active, dynamic, spirit-driven, inclusive and diverse.  The Book of Acts tells us stories of female disciples actively involved in the faith.  That was certainly a different phenomenon in those days.  The Book of Acts will teach us about welcoming all people into the life of the church.  It doesn’t matter if they are Jews or Gentiles.  It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.  It doesn’t matter if they are circumcised or not.  It doesn’t matter if they are male or female.  All that matters is that the good news must be spread across the whole planet.  There would be no exclusion in the early church.  Jesus came for all people. 

               Although thousands of years have passed, that mission remains the same.  We are called to be a church where all people are welcome and no one is excluded.  We are called to be a church with women actively involved in worship, in mission and in administration.  The United Methodist Church has ordained women for over 40 years now.  Women make up 1/3 of our bishops, and that number is continually rising.  We are called to be a church where age does not limit participation.  You are never too old or too young to get involved in Christ’s Church.  We are called to be a Church that welcomes people regardless of how much they are able to put into the offering plate.  We are simply called to be a Church that loves every person it sees.  From now until Pentecost, I hope to learn many things that will make me a better pastor, a better Christian and a better person.  There is always room for improvement because of the amazing grace that God has for us. 

               I want to personally invite you to come on this journey with us.  There is nothing that can prevent you from being loved here.  Our Church life begins on Sunday morning with Upper Room Prayer and Sunday School at 10:00, Prayer and Praise Time at 10:15 and Worship at 11:00.  But our church life does not end with the benediction on Sunday morning.  It has only just begun!  I invite you to become involved in all aspects of church life, and I invite you to invite your friends and family.  All people are always welcome here!


Grace and Peace,

Reverend Dave

Vincentown United Methodist Church

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